Dmitry Moskowski

backend software engineer

NOTE: My name on the internet is Dmitry Moskowski. However this is not the real one, I highly appreciate my privacy.

Moscow, Russia (consider remote-only & rare/without on-site)


I am a software engineer. At this time primarily using Go and Lisp as tools to build software. Familiar with Linux, Git and containerization technologies.



Technologies I don’t love and don’t want to work with anymore (I have my reasons).

  • PHP/Perl
  • TypeScript/JavaScript/React/Angular/Node.js (frontend development is a mess)
  • Anything that implies packaging for Debian/Ubuntu
  • Helm for Kubernetes (Kubernetes is fine btw) and any tool which templates YAML
  • I don’t love write Java/Groovy or make Gradle pipelines


Here is a list of the companies I have worked with. I have collected some highlights of my experience and tools I have used while working for the particular company.

Sberdevices, lead software engineer

Moscow, Russian Federation, Oct 2020 – Mar 2022 (remote/on site)

As part of the infrastructure team I have implemented:

  • infrastructure reverse proxy for DNS protocol
  • code review automation around Gitlab merge requests
  • performance and business metrics collection system on top of ClickHouse
  • authentication & authorization proxy (mostly OAuth2 & OIDC)
  • Sbercloud infrastructure with NixOS & Terraform from scratch
  • SSO with Keycloak (with custom in-house extensions)
  • Teleport SSH bastion with journaling & audit
  • secure secrets sharing system
  • Let’s Encrypt (ACME) certificate management automation
  • Kubernetes multi-master clusters
  • custom Docker registry to serve containers built with Nix

Tools: Go, TypeScript, C, Ansible, Nix, Prometheus, Grafana, k8s&k3s, RHEL, NixOS, Terraform, Clickhouse, Envoy.

QIWI Blockchain Technologies, senior software engineer

Moscow, Russian Federation, Mar 2019 – Jul 2020 (remote/on site)

Our team developed DeFi-like distributed system for Digital Financial Assets trading.
I was a technical product owner for a backend part of the system actively participating in development and planning.
Project was based on the Ethereum fork with Russian cryptography and modified PoA consensus algorithm.

Tools: Scrum, GCP+Stackdriver, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Nix, OpenSSL, PostgreSQL, Mongodb, Go, C, Python, Kotlin.

Cryptounicorns, software engineer

Moscow, Russian Federation, Jun 2017 – Jan 2019 (remote)

Developed cryptocurrency market data collection and analysis services as part of the crypto enthusiasts team.

Tools: Digitalocean, Go, Racket, Haskell, Javascript, Electron, ClojureScript

Rocket10, software engineer

Moscow, Russian Federation, Nov 2016 – Jun 2017 (on site)

Our team designed user action counting system for advertisement campaigns in mobile apps.

Tools: Kafka, Redis, Clickhouse, PostgreSQL, React, Javascript, Go, Ruby, Python

Yandex, software engineer

Moscow, Russian Federation, Nov 2012 – Sep 2016 (on site)

Worked in 3 different teams:

  • frontend components team (used all over the service) called Lego
  • frontend team at Yandex.Market
  • infrastructure team at Yandex.Market


  • participated in complete frontend redesign
  • participated in Yandex.Market renovation on Node.js
  • workflow & Git consulting for the teams
  • made A/B testing infrastructure for Yandex.Market
  • created Debian packaging tools for the team

Tools: BEM, Node.js, Ansible, SaltStack, Nginx, Jenkins, JavaScript, Java, Lua, XSLT

Channel One Russia Worldwide, systems administrator

Moscow, Russian Federation, Oct 2011 – Sep 2012 (on site)

Broadcasting technical support and reliability engineer responsible for broadcasting clusters.

Created my first opensource which was useful for people.

Tools: Cinegy Workflow, RHEL, WinServer 2008, Java, Bash


Graduated from the Moscow Witte University as a software engineer.


I’ve participated in: