Dmitry Moskowski

software/infrastructure engineer

NOTE: My name on the internet is Dmitry Moskowski.
However this is not the real one, I highly appreciate my privacy.


I am a software/infrastructure engineer. At this time primarily use Go and NixOS to build and deploy software. I use Linux for my everyday life, know enough to maintain patch-driven development workflow using Git and run services inside Docker containers. Have experience with Python, Node.js, Racket & Common LISP (❤).

Here is a list of the companies I have worked with. I have collected some highlights of my experience and tools I have used or developed while working for the particular company.

Sberdevices, lead software/infrastructure engineer

Moscow, Russian Federation, Oct 2020 – Mar 2022 (remote/on site)

As part of the infrastructure team I have implemented:

  • infrastructure reverse proxy for DNS protocol
  • code review automation around Gitlab merge requests
  • performance and business metrics collection system on top of ClickHouse
  • authentication & authorization proxy (mostly OAuth2 & OIDC)
  • SberCloud infrastructure (HuaweiCloud-like) with NixOS & Terraform from scratch
  • SSO with Keycloak (with custom in-house extensions)
  • Teleport SSH bastion with journaling & audit
  • secrets sharing system on top of PGP
  • Let’s Encrypt (ACME) certificate management automation
  • Kubernetes multi-master clusters on K3S
  • custom Docker registry to serve containers built with Nix

QIWI Blockchain Technologies, senior software engineer

Moscow, Russian Federation, Mar 2019 – Jul 2020 (remote/on site)

Our team developed DeFi-like distributed system for Digital Financial Assets trading.
I was a technical product owner for a backend part of the system actively participating in development and planning.
Project was based on the Ethereum fork with Russian cryptography and modified PoA consensus algorithm.

Cryptounicorns, software engineer

Moscow, Russian Federation, Jun 2017 – Jan 2019 (remote)

Developed cryptocurrency market data collection and analysis services as part of the crypto enthusiasts team.

Rocket10, software engineer

Moscow, Russian Federation, Nov 2016 – Jun 2017 (on site)

Our team designed user action counting system for advertisement campaigns in mobile apps.

Yandex, software engineer

Moscow, Russian Federation, Nov 2012 – Sep 2016 (on site)

Worked in 3 different teams:

  • frontend components team (used all over the service) called Lego
  • frontend team at Yandex.Market
  • infrastructure team at Yandex.Market


  • participated in complete frontend redesign
  • participated in Yandex.Market renovation on Node.js
  • workflow & Git consulting for the teams
  • made A/B testing infrastructure for Yandex.Market
  • created Debian packaging tools for the team

Channel One Russia Worldwide, systems administrator

Moscow, Russian Federation, Oct 2011 – Sep 2012 (on site)

Broadcasting technical support and reliability engineer responsible for broadcasting clusters.

Created my first opensource which was useful for people.


Graduated from the Moscow Witte University as a software engineer. Incomplete bachelor degree.


I’ve participated in: