• xcl Common Lisp development environment
  • terraform-nixos-provider NixOS provider for Terraform
  • gdk Go Development Kit which I use for my projects
  • goetia auth proxy server
  • unregistry Docker registry with static configuration
  • clickingest (not yet opensource, I am doing a full rewrite) configurable ClickHouse batcher which ingests client-side metrics


  • nix-cage project-level sandboxes for development under NixOS
  • uarand fake user-agent generator for Go
  • revip simple configuration loader for Go with extendable formats, sources and postprocessing support


  • peephole general purpose SOCKS5 proxy
  • shortid generates short ID’s in Python
  • parse toy parser builder which provides Go DSL inspired by eBNF
  • fake fake data generator for Go
  • smtpd extendable SMTP server component
  • golisp LISP-inspired language and code generation tool for Go programming language
  • makedebpkg arch linux makepkg adopted to build deb packages